Elk River Falls

The spectacular Elk River Falls (previously known as Big Falls) in Pisgah National Forest is located between Beech Mountain, Banner Elk, and the little community of Elk Park (Appalachian Ranger District). This 50-foot mountain waterfall in North Carolina pours over a granite ledge and into a lovely oval lake.


The hike to the top of the falls takes about five minutes. You may stand securely on the flat rock area and watch the waterfall cascade over the edge. A short but steep walk leads down to the falls.

Your next destination will be visible in front of the falls from the stones above the cascade. Return to the route and descend. It's a short but steep hike with stairs and tree roots to help you along. A long flat boulder near the bottom is ideal for sitting and picnicking. The safe wading area (see below) lies to the LEFT of the boulders. The currents in the pool just in front of the waterfall are dangerous and have killed people (including deaths in 2018 and severe injuries in 2019).

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